Hi, I am Garry.

I run Social The World, which helps small businesses and organisations better understand social media.



I work with a select number of businesses on an on-going basis, consulting with them on social media projects.

This ranges from complex Facebook Pixel retargeting campaigns and content creation.


I wrote a workbook for small businesses to do better on Facebook and sell it exclusively to business organisations such as BID's, tourism organisations and trade associations.

If your members will benefit from this, check it out now.

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I run events throughout the UK teaching eCommerce stores how to grow sales with Facebook Pixel.

These events are whole day sessions and the next will be in Edinburgh and Glasgow in November 2019.


I have worked in social media marketing for a number of years and have a wealth of experience.

This varies from large corporate clients to tourism organisations to small businesses and ecommerce stores.

My approach is no fluff or nonsense, I help businesses understand what they actually want to achieve from social media and setting clear objectives for each platform.

If you do not have an objective for a social media account then you are probably wasting your time. Clients work with me for a direct and straight forward approach.


Reach out to me if you have questions or want to work together.

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I wrote a book to help small businesses do better on social media.

I tried to recommend a book for small businesses to do better on social media, but I couldn't. They were either out of date or rubbish. So I created my own.

The first part is on Facebook, check out the video to see what is included. Other things included are below.

The workbook can help ANY small business owner do better with Facebook regardless of your level. It can and will help you.

I have sold over 15,000 copies of the workbook so far, and this Facebook edition costs only £12. It contains over 40 pages of helpful tips, guides and things that will help you do better. The workbook is something you buy and can work through.

The workbook is a guide, book, manual, bible, whatever you want to call it.

It removes all the jargon from social media and ACTUALLY teaches you how to do things.

I am now selling this workbook to organisations including BIDs and tourism organisations.

What You Get

I have worked with different tourism organisations throughout Europe, providing them with training and workbook materials to provide to their members. I can create a custom package based on your business organisation.

As well as discounted book rates, I will create a personalised website and welcome video for your organisation. This will include further information on how to use the workbook, different tips and tricks for social media and an area to ask any questions small businesses may have.

I will also give £100-£500 of advertising credit to be used on social media for one of the small businesses and best advise them on how to spend the credit.


Reach out to me if you have questions or want to work together.

© Social The World. All rights reserved.